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As a business owner, entrepreneur, public figure, entertainer, influencer,
and executive do you work 2x more than a conventional employee, on
average and often times more? How about when time flies by and you
forget what day it is? Trust, we have been there many times too.
Can you relate?

What We Do

We help women CEOs and Owners reduce their expenses, increase their margins, and 10x their revenue.


Employee / CEO → Renowned Business Owner Leader

Talent Career Block →Acclaimed Talent Legacy

We can coach and manage you on your journey!

Shift your mindset paradigm to reach the next level, Invest in your elevation to professional and personal success, Propel your present chapter to align with your future legacy story.

We have the proven ability to manage low level-mid-high end clients in gradual and rapid growing businesses increasing autonomy. We have managed multiple multi-million entities ensuring all assets, acquisitions, investments, are profitable, operable, efficient, and kept confidential.  Notably, we have represented artists, startups, entertainment events, and merchandise companies. We are executing entrepreneurs who help discover the WHY in you. Invest with us and focus on running your business or creative career while we ease your worries.


We help women CEOs & Owners gain trust in their teams, eliminate overwhelm and frustrations, and release anxiety with delegation to optimize productivity, performance, and profitability.

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How We Help

Business Coaching & Consulting

COO & Operations Consulting

Standard Operating Procedures

Process & Change Management

What They Say

Meet Our CEO

Riahna S. Edwards, MS

Official Ria

“There’s a level to reach and a level to teach. The only person who can stop you, is YOU.”

Our Mission

Founded in 2014, RExcellence Enterprises is an online entertainment business management, media, and publishing company. RExcellence Enterprises’ mission is committed to providing the best possible efficient and effective service solutions to increase longevity in our clients’ businesses. We have a proven track record of optimizing performance, productivity, and profitability to generate consistent growth in our clients’ businesses. Our goal is to help revive their executive status by building scalable, profitable, and successful business legacies.

Brand Statement

Riahna S. Edwards, MS, aka Official Ria, has a goal to be able to impact more than 1,000,000,000 businesswomen and CEOs across the globe, one business at a time. She has a serving spirit and is very passionate about empowering women to reach new heights in their purpose and mission. She believes by exuding integrity, compassion, empathy, and care she’ll be able to help optimize and automate her community’s success.

RExcellence Enterprises
Redefining Excellence


Between 2014 and 2016, American women-owned businesses grew by 6%, and minority women owned businesses grew by 14%.

Minority-owned companies account for 50% of all women-owned businesses, generate 23% of all women-owned business revenue, and include some 6.4 million companies.

Our clients choose us, will you too?

We understand the needs and problems that prevent long-term success. We can help reduce your time, money, and efforts by providing effective turnkey solutions. Do you have the pursuit of investing in professional help from industry experts? We conduct a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive environment. Our loyal members value and appreciate our levels of expertise, knowledge, direction, trust, honesty, and results.

Clients we serve:

Actors, artists, athletes, authors, business owners, dancers, directors, influencers, 

models, motivational speakers, producers, rappers, rising entrepreneurs, singers, and more.

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